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when school is out, we keep children engaged, with our fun and educational mini camp drop off program!
science experiments, play, reading, arts & crafts and more! 
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day cares, camps, schools and large play dates can reserve our facility for a fun filled adventurous day, group rates available!  
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parties and events are our specialty here at cup o' fun! all parties are private, warm, and inclusive of many interactive activities. kosher and non-kosher catering! 

reserve your event and leave all the party planing to us, while we bring fiction to reality and capture your most precious moments!
Private Parties

group sessions

Field Trips
Open Play
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open play admission

$16/first child

$14/sibling discount


Adults are FREE! 

daily open play

**Weekly Open Play Schedule** 

July 15th-July 19th

Mon July 15th 12:30pm-3pm
tues July 16th 1pm-3pm
Wed July 17th 10am-5pm  
Thur July 18th 10am-5pm
Fri  July 19th 10am-5pm

Weekend Open Play Schedule:​
Fri. July 12th 10am-5pm
Sat. July 13th 1pm-5pm
Sun. July 14th 1pm-5pm

due to private parties and events we have limited open play during the weekends, weekend hours are posted thursday evenings! follow us on facebook, and fill out the form or subscribe below for up-to-date email notifications!​


Mini Camp Drop Off

private parties

Save with our open play passes 

10 Play Pass $120

5 Play Pass $70

adults are FREE!

like and follow on social media updates on all the indoor fun for kids and children's birthday parties, open play for more video's, updates, events and more!  

​​​​​​​join the fun daily with open play! have the children unwind, and enjoy unlimited open play fun in a safe, clean, and tremendous play area! lots to do: stuff-a-friend, play dress up, build a lego castle, go rock climbing, jump in the bounce castle, build team work with BEAM our virtual 3D interactive experience and more! socks are a must!!

drop off programs

unlimited open play!  

children learn through creativity and most importantly play! schedule your play dates, day out, and have your children unwind in our clean, safe interactive indoor play space! ​